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Living The Christ Consciousness: Letting Love and Forgiveness Flow Through You
In person presentations by writer-director-narrator Kell Kearns on
The Consciousness of the Christ: Reclaiming Jesus For a New Humanity

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As you plan a screening of his illuminating new documentary The Consciousness of The Christ: Reclaiming Jesus For a New Humanity you may wish to consider booking veteran writer, filmmaker and spiritual activist Kell Kearns to speak together with the screening.

Kell has devoted the past twenty five years to creating the words and images of spiritual and social transformation on subjects such as the biography of Martin Luther King, the nonviolent activism of Gandhian community, the Divine Feminine, liberation theology, global human rights, and the sacred beauty of the Earth.

The documentary The Consciousness of The Christ is having a profound and lasting effect on audiences at churches and spiritual conferences around the country. A common response is that people want to learn more, to discuss, to ask questions and to watch the film again.

Here is what ministers and screening organizers are saying:

“This past month our souls were stirred with Kell Kearns bringing his newest video
“The Consciousness of the Christ: Reclaiming Jesus for the New Humanity” to our community. Some of the essential themes that ignited the fire of our Spirit are:
Reclaiming the historical Jesus, what he modeled for us as Wayshower
Being called to non-violent action
Answering the question, what are we being called to do to bring Christ Consciousness to action
Being called to model and teach the same Christ integrity
Radical trust
Radical forgiveness and love rather than judgment
Radical honesty and compassion with our action
Co-creating/imagining heaven on earth with each other
Coming together in creative ways to get our Unity message out beyond these four walls
Serving, Serving, Serving - being the change we want to see in the world.”

- Judy James, Minister, Unity of Greater Portland

“Our congregants are still speaking of the power of this movie and tell me the message continues to unfold for them. Filmmaker Kell Kearns is an impressive speaker, lively in his presentation style and open and engaging in manner. His presence for our screening events made the film experience even more illuminating and enriching.”
- Margie Hyatt, Church Coordinator, Unity of Bremerton, WA

Kell Kearns’ camera lens has captured unforgettable images of sacred truth, and his theological lens provides fascinating vistas of hope and promise for the spiritual maturity of the human race..”
- Rev. David Hodgson, Pastor,
               Congregational Church of the Valley, Scottsdale, AZ

“The Consciousness of the Christ portrays Jesus the way we (students of Truth) think he really was. A man that in the midst of this world's challenges accepted God's invitation to rise above any circumstance and BE what he was created to be. This documentary features top teachers who expose us to ideas that awaken us to our own Divine nature. We are thankful to have had Kell Kearns in Unity East Church Center to present his work.”
- Yolanda Revilla, Church Coordinator,

                Unity East Church Center, Brooklyn, NY

Kell’s screening Intensives range from a half day to three days, including the Sunday service. As in the documentary, he utilizes the latest scholarly research into the historical Jesus to deliver a powerful metaphysical answer to the crisis of our times. Here are synopses of some of the topics:

THE DIVINE CHILD – Throughout the ancient Christian texts Jesus points to the children of humanity as the heart of heaven on Earth. The story of his own divine birth is, to the awakened mind, the story of every human birth. Every child is a Child of God. Heaven within opens and, as angelic messengers sing praise and declare peace on Earth, the Divine bursts into bloom in the heart of every new born. Although enfleshed in separate bodies we are at one with the loving creative source of the Cosmos like an adored child nursing at its mother’s breast at perfect ease and in perfect trust. And, each child is named savior, and is at one with all humankind.

THE BELOVED - The baptism of Jesus by his teacher John initiated a new universal paradigm – That of God’s Beloved Community of Earth. What was made new was creation, itself. As Jesus rose from the waters the Holy Spirit descended as a dove that mirrored the Feminine Spirit brooding over and stirring the primordial waters of an emergent paradise in the Talmudic creation story, In the Christ the way of heaven on Earth is laid out like a banquet for all humanity, bringing a unitive consciousness of peace, joy, freedom from oppression and fulfillment of our divine potential. All are invited, all are the Beloved.

THE BLESSED – The teachings of The Christ turn the conventional wisdom of the world upside down. He teaches a suffering humanity that the depths of its oppression has left it but one short step away from manifesting Love’s New Creation. The humble in Spirit enter the Divine land; the comfort of holiness surrounds the sorrowful; the gentle, not the violent, gain the earth as their domain; the compassionate receive compassion within compassion; satisfaction awaits those who overcome the inner persecutor; the children of God are called peacemakers. The New Humanity, he says, is the light of the world.

THE NEW HUMANITY – The One Christ, gathered in the midst of our generation, yearning to unveil our true identity as beings of absolute love, is the Second Coming. In Aramaic, Jesus harked back to the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel, and called himself and those who followed after him, Bar Enasha. The term means The Human Being, and, collectively, The New Humanity. He urged all who heard him to move with wisdom, faith and action into a realm of radical self trust in their inner divinity from which they heal themselves and their world, forgive everyone, offer love to all creation, and co-create a peace that transforms the nature of nature itself.