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The Consciousness of the Christ - Essay on the Christ

The Consciousness of The Christ: Reclaiming Jesus for a New Humanity
by Kell Kearns

For only three years the fully realized Human Being walked among us. Jesus ministered through loving enemies, unconditional forgiveness to all, and conscious, intimate oneness with the creative power of the cosmos. He brought into history a New Humanity free of war, oppression and fear, born to the realm of endless potential, eternal life, and cocreation as the universe, itself. The authority, he said, to make this new world resides with us…a divine collective New Humanity.

The miraculous episodes, the beatitudes, the parables, the healings, the confrontation with the domination paradigm of his day and ours, become effulgent with new light once we understand that Jesus was all about incarnating God on earth, here and now. He lived it then, and promised it today should we choose to enliven the divine within.

The matter could not be more urgent. The choice, as Jesus made clear, is love or annihilation. Beyond the doors of perception he opened for every person on the planet the answer is "Yes! We can live love." The proof manifests in the life of Jesus, himself, the fully realized Human Being, and in the lives of all of us who are empowered to create a New Humanity with a beautiful destiny we can only begin to imagine now.

Christ Consciousness is the true heart of who we are. We are divine by nature. Like the heart of a flower, surrounded and beautified by petals of love, we unfold in light. Our true selves are also the multitude of seeds the light reveals when the fragrant petals of love open. "God is love, God is all," are the words written on the seeds of our blossomed Christ potential. In the winds of the world our Christ seeds spread far and wide. In time, the earth will become as a meadow in spring, glistening with the joy and loveliness of the Human Divine...heaven on earth co-created by God and flower.

Here, as Jesus presented them, are the revolutionary elements of Christ consciousness: An end to violence, an end to patriarchy, an end to every form of oppression and domination, and the establishment of mercy and non-judgment, health, sanity, egalitarianism, and the inner power to co-create a new age.

There are at this moment billions of us re-creating the world in the likeness of God. We are everywhere, in every nation, every city, every place of worship, everywhere that two or more are gathered in the name of absolute love and each other's inner divinity. To light the sacred fire of a global Pentecost we need only join as one in consciousness of our role in saving the world. And act! How the Christ with in us all has longed for the day. "I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!" Jesus said. "I have a baptism with which to be baptized and what stress I am under until it is completed." (Luke12:49,50)

The world is re-created in the image of God with each selfless act of love. As the global crisis of world ending violence ever accelerates they serve as catalysts for those who do not despair, but dwell in love's dominion and overarching power. Because it is love, its quantum leap-in-process does not always capture the attention of the heralds of the dying age; that is, the mass media, which swoons, and is captured by the apparent invincibility of violence and hatred.

Ours is the quiet revolution that begins in souls deeply ready for transformation, who deeply know the times. As Paul observed, love is patient, kind, not envious, boastful or arrogant, and does not rejoice in wrongdoing. Love always overcomes fear's horrific illusions. It does not believe them and thus gives no power to that which would destroy the world. Not feeding the ancient addictions, it does not always make headlines. But, the time will come when a future humanity looks back and sees our love as the fundamental transformation of our time.

Why should love fear violence, death, tortures? Love is the only power. All else falls and is fallen. Love ever rises and lifts its inhabitants to ever brightening joys over joys. Love lived consciously, applied to the whole of humankind, is Christ consciousness, the salvation of humanity and the next leap in evolution. Absolute faith that it is being universally born among us in our global crisis is Christ consciousness. We are the emergence in the world-wide emergency.

The time has past for separated religions. There is only one. You may call Christ consciousness whatever you wish as long as you call it love and as long as it is universal, the innate center of every sentient being. Just as the teachings of the Buddha transcend Buddhism and all religion, just as the Sufi poets transcend Islam and all religion, so does the consciousness initiated by Jesus of Nazareth transcend Christianity and all religion. Truth is truth everywhere. Truth, the Hindu Gandhi said, is God. In whatever culture, love that knows no boundaries is Christ consciousness.

Evolution has both compressed us as a species on a tiny planet and freed us to explore together the endless reaches of consciousness. In space and time there is but one true Religion. All of humanity possesses it. Jesus called it the kingdom of God among us, at hand, within. It in-flows, in-forms and creates, space and time. There is endless diversity within its universe –like individuated fractals of becoming, but there is only one religion. It is the religion of love. It is the religion that awakens humanity. It is Conscious Evolution.

Even after two millennia, during which he has opened his heart and blazed a trail for us to follow into the vast territory of love, sometimes it seems we hardly know him: This Jesus, this Christ among us. So wondrous a land is his, - and, he tells us, ours, - gentle, happily involved with the endless discoveries of love, immortal, that sometimes we scarcely believe him.

His kingdom of love resides at once in our hearts and minds and, as well, in the infinite reaches of creation and the heart and mind of creation, herself. The message of Christ consciousness is that we are one with love's infinite reach. We scarcely believe it at times because the territory of love is largely unexplored, trodden in its fullness only by a few great masters. But, Jesus tells us this fantastic destiny is intended for us here and now.

The Christ comes in the quiet and becomes our open hearts. Never does this consciousness thrust itself upon us. It is meek and mild. If we wish to inherit the land of eternal life and love, we must choose it, and co-create it. Fear, defenses, inner and outer violence, the untruth we have been taught as truth, must be left behind before we can enter Christ’s New Humanity. We must climb from the poison river that rages in a deathward flow and sweeps the old world toward a dead sea. It is only our acculturation to the cacophony of numb and terrorized souls, frigid and tragically separated from Source and each other in the poison river of an end time that fosters our disbelief in a blossoming miracle of love on planet Earth.

Surely we can see the times. They are as obvious as the weather out our window. The choice between life and death has come down to this generation. "Greater things than I do shall you do," Jesus said. "You are gods!" We are to bear each other into the vast territory of love, and let none be left behind who would come. The Beloved Community is our only survivable destiny. It is our salvation.

We will not be denied this time, as Jesus was seemingly denied in his day. The Reign of God is among us. The Reign of God is at hand. The Reign of God is everywhere bursting forth. It is eternal Reality. There is more and more of the New Humanity each day. They can not crucify us all. We are a chain reaction of love. We will overrun the old order with love. Let us declare that with us the age of the crucifixion of humankind ends. The age of the universal resurrection into love begins here and now. Baptized as the Beloved Community, we emerge from the old river of extinction as a new creation.

None too soon. Humankind crowds the door of the evolutionary exit. Salvation has arrived in our midst at precisely the moment when global transformation to a New Humanity is possible.

Now is precisely the moment in history when the liberating choice offered by Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago may extend, through each practitioner, to the globe. Today we are intricately connected with each soul on the planet. We are in each others’ living rooms; we are a mouse click away; we are intimate with the sufferings and joys of each global neighbor and so-called enemy. The global village is ripe to be overtaken by love...or annihilation. The choice is the entire answer to the human journey up from ignorance and violence. It asks for our full attention, our full surrender. Only the universal consciousness of the Christ, of love and absolute forgiveness, awakening in an equanimity of all cultures and religions, can choose the path of salvation.

By salvation I do not mean an elect few who will be plucked from the planet at the last possible moment. to sing ‘Amazing Grace' in front of a gigantic throne for endless millennia after billions of brothers and sisters have suffered and died horrifically on earth below. I mean the continuance of the collective Human Being here, now and in a cocreative future of the advancing consciousness of Self divinity and loving power. Any level of consciousness that today does not reside in our unity of love is doomed, fated to be buried amidst our weapons of mass destruction and the fear and domination paradigm which fosters them. There is no place in the consciousness of the Christ for weapons, war, hatred, and that which spawns it all –fear.

All of us fit into the vast territory of love. Pure love transforms both lover and beloved, saves both. Therein is the meaning of Jesus’ most radical evolutionary dictum: Love your enemies. The true Armageddon at our doorstep is not global suicide, with a triumphant warrior Jesus ruling over the remnant as a cosmic potentate, but the collective banishment of archaic, unconscious fear and its repeated crushing to earth of truth.

As it is today, so it was in the time of Jesus. We hardly know him because the truth of his story has been largely hidden, and scarcely spoken for seventeen hundred years. Over the centuries Christianity has, in the main, been hijacked by the very forces that suppress the evolution of human consciousness and have us hurtling toward our doom. Jesus’ was an open invitation to all to enter the realm of divine humanity and put away forever those things that separate and destroy us, those ancient parts of our species that make for sorrows upon sorrows.

Even those who remain in hatred we are to love unconditionally, and thereby lift them above the smoke of enmity, in prayer that all may see the choice: love or annihilation. It can be done, Jesus insisted. Here, I have done it. And, you and I are one. I am one with the divine, loving Creator of all that is created. You will make this transition, too, Beloved Humanity, says the Conscious One, for I endlessly forgive and show the way. Do not tire. The transition is why I came, and why you are here. Life belongs to those who endure. I shall not tire, and will endure with you.

Jesus was human. He fully manifested human potential but he always discouraged the projection upon himself of a deified superman. He made clear that his powers were available to all, and showed the way to them.

That is the answer to the question asked in Mark 8:27 – “When he got into the boat his disciples followed him. And, behold there arose a great storm in the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves; but he himself was asleep. And, they came to him and awoke him saying, 'Save us, Lord. We are perishing!' And he said to them, "Why are you timid, you men of little faith." Then, he arose and rebuked the wind and the sea; and it became perfectly calm. And the men marveled saying, 'What kind of man is this, that even the winds and sea obey him?'" Jesus is saying, "You could have taken care of this yourself! Calm comes from peace, not fear, and there is peace abundant in you. Be conscious. Do not be swept away by waves that belie your true nature. Be as gods. For this you were created. Be peace and tranquility and storms shall end. Your faith, fully realized, can move mountains. Excuse me now, I'll get back to my nap."

Most of us need to be re-introduced to Jesus. There have been revolutionary new findings about him and the things that he said and did. For one thing, experts in biblical interpretation, such as James Douglass and Walter Wink, have uncovered the illuminating meaning of the name Jesus used for himself and for us. For centuries the name came to us in the Greek translation as ‘The Son of Man’. The phrase has always been an enigma.

What does it mean? The astonishing answer came when scholars returned the term to the original Aramaic, compared the meaning to its use in Daniel and Ezekiel, and paid attention to the nuances in which Jesus used the name. The discovery? There’s no longer any doubt. 84 times in the gospels Jesus calls himself not The Son of God, not the Messiah, but, The Human Being. He calls those who come after him and manifest divinity across the world – The New Humanity. Each use of the term by Jesus frames an event of momentous revelation or expectation of quantum transformation. Think of the implications today, Jesus making a direct reference about the ‘Christification of the Earth’, not from a fantasy in which he sails in from the skies, but among you and me here and now. The Human Being transforms the world. The New Testament will never look the same again.

In these 'endtimes' the spirit is being poured out upon all. The young order sees visions of a new age. The old order dreams dreams of a nonexistent past in its addictions to violence, as if the world had ever been righted before now, or can ever be righted using the mindset which has brought us to this climax in the human story. Tension and anxiety pervade. Love or annihilation is in the air. But, love will overcome. Love always does.

Jesus identified heaven on earth within himself, first. And so must we. He then went on to pass it along to everyone he met. And so must we. Finally, alone and abandoned at his trial, he boldly predicted that by killing him the authorities would only assure the spread of the news of the reign of Love to all peoples. With his resurrection into the hearts and minds of his disciples, heaven continued exponentially its inexorable rise. His truth has been crushed to earth many times since then, and each time has risen again.

The task before this generation is to complete love's dominion on the planet and usher in the long awaited Beloved Community. "We are God’s children now; what we will be has not yet been revealed. What we do know is this: When he is revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is.” (I John 3:2) This prophecy has come true in our time. He is our own true selves, emerging.

Christ, or by whatever name you call absolute love, is The New Humanity.