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The Consciousness of the Christ Commentators

Andrew Harvey Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey is among the greatest teachers of the mystical path to liberation on the planet today. He was born, and spent his childhood in Southern India, creating a life foundation which he credits for his absorption in the path of total realization. He studied history at Oxford and, at the age os 21, became the youngest person ever to be awarded The Fellow of All Soul's College, England's highest academic honor. He has authored or edited thirty books, including The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The Way of Passion: a Celebration of Rumi:, and Son of Man.

Andrew Harvey's thoughts on the Christ Journey—
“You have in Jesus' life the most astonishing diagram, the most lucid and terrifying diagram of what it actually means to become one with The Christ. So, you have the great awakening at the baptism. You have the temptation by the shadow to use the powers for darkness instead of light, for power instead of love. Then you have the plunging into the world and the expending of these powers out of absolute sacrifice, out of absolute surrounder, out of absolute self-gift to heal and to raise the dead and to spread the transmission of this new divine humanity. And then you come to a second tremendous ordeal. Because, although Jesus attained a very high level of realization—and you can see that from the ministry—he was still in some subtle way, Jesus. And what had to happen then is that all of this identification with his own identity had to be systematically and ruthlessly destroyed, which is why the crucifixion then manifested and why he had to go through Gethsemane and why in Gethsemane he had to make another surrender at an even deeper level: "Not my will but your will," which prepared for the absolute excruciation of the crucifixion, which prepared for the shattering of the atom of his false self to reveal the phoenix power of the resurrection force, which gave birth to a new world."

Learn more about Andrew Harvey on his website http://www.andrewharvey.net

Barbara Marx Hubbard Barbara Marx Hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard has devoted the past 60 years to internalizing and informing the world of the awakening of humankind to a Christed epoch of Conscious Evolution. “All the archetypes are now within,” she says, and she has announced and embodied a new archetype –the new Eve, the Feminine Co-Creator –free now to partake of the tree of Life. Her tutelage, centered on the writings of Jesuit theologian-paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin, led, in 1968, to a visionary experience of the Christification of the Earth, and to her book, The Revelation, in which she interprets the New Testament as a code for Conscious Evolution, a coming planetary Pentecost, and the emergence of The Universal Human.

Barbara Marx Hubbard's on-screen thoughts on The Consciousness of The Christ
“You could look at the whole of human history from the expulsion from the Garden as the effort of humans to transcend simply eating, sleeping reproducing and dying. We’ve done it through religion, we’ve done it through arts, we’ve done it, most recently, through science and technology. We have been transcending the human condition until we gained the power of the atomic bomb and we saw we could destroy the world. Now, going back to the life of Jesus within that sequence, the purpose is to be in the image and likeness of God. In Jesus we had the first perfect full example of what it’s like to be in the image and likeness of God, and he launched that story, including the crucifixion of the animal body and the resurrection to a light body - a resurrected body of subtle energy - to show us that we are, indeed, meant to be in the image and likeness of creative gods. ‘Ye are gods,’ he told us, and then he demonstrated that power not only in the pre-Easter Jesus but the post Easter Jesus. And, what I see happening now is that we are at the edge of Armageddon and there are people who believe that even by using power, even nuclear power that there would somehow be a redemption after that which would lead to the return of Christ. That’s one reason they’re for the apocalypse! But, there’s another interpretation of this altogether. The alternative to the destruction of this existing world in order to bring Christ in would be the creation of the mass resonance and connectivity of the world which would bring in the experience of the Essential Being, the Father, the Creator, the God Within, in a critical mass simultaneously which would shift the field of Earth, the thinking layer, the Noosphere, that would be the Christification of the Earth. It could well be, this is my evolutionary intuition, that when we receive a massive degree of resonance in a critical mass of humans that whatever is beyond this dimension of human consciousness – the so called spirits, angels, living body of Christ, will be collectively experienced. We have ‘seen through a glass darkly’, when we experience mass resonance we will ‘see face to face’. We do not need to go through Armageddon.”

Learn more about Barbara Marx Hubbard on her website http://www.evolve.org

Dr. Gladys McGarey Dr. Gladys McGarey
Dr. Gladys McGarey is a founding member and former President of the American Holistic Health Association. Her books include The Physician Within and Born To Live. In her practice she seeks to guide patients to an Atonement with their own Christ within whereby they are healed through their own ‘Faith’. Dr. McGarey grew up in India, the daughter of missionary physicians who worked with Mahatma Gandhi in campaigns of nonviolence. This year, at age 84, she will travel to Afghanistan to empower women there to gain control of their own health issues.

Dr. McGarey's on-screen thoughts on The Consciousness of The Christ—
Dr. Gladys McGarey spoke to us about the challenges she faces every day in her practice to encourage in others the fearlessness of Christ consciousness and the healing that attends the individual and world when Christ is manifested within.

“We have to allow it to happen. I think the energy is here. I think we get in the way of our own healing process. I think we’re afraid. It’s a tremendous responsibility to say, ‘OK, I will allow myself to be an instrument of Christ to allow this healing to happen.’ That’s a huge responsibility. And if we can get our own fear, the demon of my own fear, the demon of my own prejudice which is what I think a lot of the doctrinal stuff ends up being, and shift it aside so that it’s love that flows, then that’s what is going to transform this world, that’s what is going to bring peace in this world.”

Learn more about Dr, Gladys McGarey on her website: http://www.mcgareyfoundation.com

Marianne Williamson Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson is one of the leading interpreters of Christ Consciousness in the world today. Her best selling book, A Return to Love, based on her interpretation of the Christ as revealed in A Course in Miracles, led to three other national bestsellers and a vocation as a leading spokesperson for personal and social spiritual transformation.

Her paradigm shifting work, The Healing of America and the subsequent founding of her organization Peace Alliance, the aim of which is the establishment of a US Department of Peace, has provided her a global forum in which to teach the principles of Christ Consciousness as a way to shift the human paradigm into an age of love.

Marianne Williamson on The Consciousness of the Christ
“The Christ is who you are. But, that is a state that is potential in us. Jesus is an example of a fully actualized human being. He says in the Course in Miracles, ‘I don’t have anything that you don’t have. I just don’t have anything else. So, you and I have perfect love, Jesus has perfect love. The issue is you and I also have anger and upset and craziness and insecurity. He doesn’t have any of that stuff. Michelangelo was once asked ‘How do you create a great sculpture, the David or the Pieta?’ And, he said that in his mind God had already created the sculpture. His job was to get rid of the excess marble. So, as we grow into the Christ we’re just growing into that which we already Are.”

Learn more about Marianne Williamson at her website: http://www.marianne.com