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Consciousness of the ChristA Review of
The Consciousness of The Christ:
Reclaiming Jesus For a New Humanity

by Pam Moriarty, Maine Well-Being Magazine

You know from the very beginning that "The Consciousness of The Christ: Reclaiming Jesus For a New Humanity" is a documentary on the life of Jesus unlike any other.

As a beautiful, laughing Palestinian child floats toward the camera on an ancient Jerusalem street, narrator, writer, director Kell Kearns launches his feature length documentary with these words: “The Second Coming is here, now, in the illuminating holy fire of many of us united in love and forgiveness…studying, instead of war, peace. We are a vanguard of global transformation heralding a destiny of love. Fully human, newly human, we represent a quantum leap in the journey out of violence, hatred and fear, into our God nature.”

Much of the movie was shot on the shores of the Sea of Galilee which, in the film, seem to glow with mystic wisdom. Anthony Appelhof portrays Jesus as an accessible Everyman. Candice Kearns portrays Mary Magdalene as pure Divine Feminine. The near continuous flow of Middle Eastern music and angelic voices heighten the aura of a Jesus who is “fully human and fully divine,” as commentator Barbara Marx Hubbard describes him. This Christ teaches while he celebrates a heaven on earth that has already arrived. “It is among us, within us, spread out before us like a banquet,” Jesus says.

"The Consciousness of The Christ" drives home the purpose of the human journey as one of consciously attaining a loving union with the divine. “Jesus is never talking about a kingdom that is coming,” says author and mystic activist Andrew Harvey. “He is talking always about a kingdom that already exists, that the awakened eyes of the awakened heart can see, and that the awakened consciousness of the awakened divine child can know and that is demanding to be enacted in acts of sacred passion, sacred compassion and sacred hunger for justice.

The film ends with a segment entitled The Christification of The Earth that is a triumph of the human spirit and the age old dream of peace and harmony. The illusion of separation is overcome. Humanity knows it is one. Four time national bestselling author Marianne Williamson closes "The Consciousness of The Christ" with this image: “No war, no hunger, no sickness, no suffering, every soul is so embedded in its love that all we do is co-create love and more love and more love and more love.”