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In this time of economic hardship and suffering, our films make perfect gifts.  Give the gift of an evening's inspiration and the answer of joy beyond materialism that can be watched again and again instead of the experience of being gouged at the theatre and plunged into an "orgy of desolation, meaninglessness, and despair."  (A depiction of the potential state of our world from Andrew Harvey in "Rumi Returning".)

"Brilliant.  More than just a merchant.  They have a calling.  Glad I encountered them."
Tom C., Fort Worth, TX


[top] Sacred Cinema GLOBALIZED SOUL
Stories from the Tipping Point to a New World

Running Time:  60:24
Mastered in High Definition

Produced by Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas
Written and directed by Kell Kearns
Featuring commentary by spiritual visionaries and activists of our time (His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Sister Joan Chittister, Rev. James Trapp, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Roshi Joan Halifax, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari, Mirabai Starr, Uncle Bob Randall, etc.)--as well as of the timeless (Gandhi, Jesus of Nazareth, Mahavira, Rumi). With inspirational music by Enya, Philip Glass, Ravi Shankar, Harold Grandstaff Moses and other world musicians.

"Globalized Soul is a mystic tour through the ancient longing of humanity for peace.  It tells of a rising consciousness on earth of our oneness at the moment in history when collective love, compassion and nonviolence are necessary for our survival. Gorgeously filmed in India, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Mexico, The United States and at The Parliament of The World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia, the film celebrates the colorful diversity of the Spirit of the Earth and the common heart we share." 
-- from Religion Today Online, March 28, 2011

"Great gift for anyone concerned with world issues and the attainment of global peace."
-- Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal, December 2011

Globalized Soul
Rumi Returning Rumi Returning:
The Triumph of Divine Passion

As seen on American Public Television (APT)


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Produced and written by Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas.
Featuring commentary by Akbar S. Ahmed, Coleman Barks, Andrew Harvey, and Üzeyir Özyürt.
Broadcast length (56:46 minutes)
Mastered in High Definition

With Special Features: Extended Interviews with Rumi scholar and author Andrew Harvey and Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University, Dr. Akbar S. Ahmed

"Rumi Returning is a beautiful interfaith film that creatively places Rumi and his work in both a spiritual as well as a historical context. Having Kell and Cynthia introduce the film and answer questions as well as share intriguing behind-the-scenes information took it over the top."
     -- Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor,
     -- Unity Santa Fe

The Consciousness of the Christ The Consciousness of the Christ: Reclaiming Christ for a New Humanity

Written and narrated by Kell Kearns.
Mastered in High Definition

Commentary by Andrew Harvey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gladys T. McGarey, Marianne Williamson. 
Broadcast length: 1 hour 20 minutes

This nationally acclaimed feature length documentary with dramatic elements tells anew the story of Jesus from the perspective of the world transforming power of love about which he showed his generation and ours.  Filmed on location in Israel, Palestine. 

"The Consciousness of The Christ is another breathtakingly beautiful film by Spiritual Cinema Film director Kell Kearns. . .Highly recommended."
     -- Howard S. Gay,
     -- San Diego, California

Rumi Returning--56:46 minutes
The Christ--1 hour 20 minutes

Got inspiration?  Raise your inspiration level even higher by purchasing two: our film about the beloved Sufi mystic, "Rumi Returning" and our sacred cinema classic, "The Consciousness of The Christ:  Reclaiming Jesus for a New Humanity."

[top] Coming of the Divine ChildThe Coming of The Divine Child of Humankind

Learn radical self trust in a trustworthy universe by awakening the divine child within you. Kell deepens the themes he developed in The Consciousness of The Christ and speaks directly to a generation on the inner birth of The New Humanity. Features five original mystical songs of awakening to include "Heaven Inside," "Lift High The Light," and "The Land of Love." 47 minutes.

"Kell Kearns has dedicated his life to acting as a catalyst for communities, religious and otherwise, to tap into the yearning to transform their lives and, out of that transformation, change the world."
     -- Pamela Moriarty, Maine Well-Being Magazine

The Coming of the Divine Child--47 minutes;
The Christ--1 hour 20 minutes

The message of The Christ couldn't be more relevant than in these times of economic hardship, disaffection, and conflict. Highlights are Kell's rephrasing of the Beatitudes and his retelling of the story of Jesus in the boat during the storm as a metaphor for our own times.

The Leadership of LoveThe Leadership
of Love

Are you hearing the spiritual wake-up call to take the next step to transform our world?  Are you feeling a passion to expand your vision of Peace into sacred activism? Based upon her own personal and political experiences and drawing inspiration from sacred texts, Cynthia shows examples from around the world (Africa, India, South America, Europe, U.S.) of the emerging collective leader, who is each of us, all of us, joining hands as global citizens.  Written and narrated by Cynthia Lukas.  47 minutes

"Cynthia Lukas brings a special kind of light to a rich mystical history that fuels our hearts and minds in a way that brings Life back into the world." 
     -- Rev. Frankie Timmers,
     -- Center for Spiritual Living, Morristown

[top] In Remembrance of Martin

(Leadership of Love--47min.
In Remembrance of Martin--1 hour

This package is for those who have no doubt each of us is being called to be a spiritual activist in the 21st Century. While Martin Luther King Jr. may be our country's shining example of a spiritual activism that works ceaslessly for justice and truth, we can now envision how men such as Barack Obama and women across the globe are emerging to express a shared Leadership of Love.

[top] In Remembrance of Martin In Remembrance of Martin:
The Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Creator-Director Kell Kearns is offering a limited release of this highly acclaimed PBS biography of Dr. King, commissioned by Coretta Scott King.  Mrs. King joins those closest to Dr. King by sharing personal comments about the man and his leadership in the civil rights movement (Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond, President Jimmy Carter, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Reverend Jesse Jackson,  Senator Edward Kennedy, John Lewis, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Andrew Young).  With amazing, frame-shaking gospel music by live choir and solo performance (Tremaine Hawkins) and folk-rock music (Joan Baez and Neil Young).  Includes archival footage that appears nowhere else as well as portions of the classic "I Have A Dream" speech.

Its national broadcast was named an official event of the 1987 King Federal Holiday.  Kell offers an on camera introduction to the documentary, and offers a director’s commentary. Perfect for screening during the Season for Nonviolence.  One hour.

"A genuine jewel that ought to be shown regularly in every home and school."
     -- The Washington Post

"The kind of hour that makes you proud to be an American."
     -- The New York Daily News

[top] Spirit of the Owl The Spirit of the Owl: Transforming Grief to Gift
by Cynthia Lukas

Transforming our losses through mindful grief work is something each of us is called to do. Knowing how to move through the obstacles to Peace to re-claim connection with our Creative Source is an essential spiritual tool for healthy, holy living that allows us to reach our fullest potential. Our wholeness—and that of our world—depends upon it! After losing her husband of 25 years, John, to cancer, Cynthia describes her own steps in the grief process through her journals and poems. Finalist in the USA Book News Best Books and Nautilus Awards. Contains award-winning poetry. Soft cover. 241 pages.

"Cynthia Lukas has written a book which is poetic and profound. . .She travelled from darkness towards light and hope."
     -- Dr. Gladys McGarey, Holistic Doctor and Author, The Physician Within You

"I have recently finished the book by Cynthia Lukas called, "The Spirit of the Owl: Transforming Grief to Gift." Having lost my husband this February I must say this book and its ideals of the gift of spirituality has been a lifeline." 
     --Jamie Hagen, Salida, CO

The Arms Race Within American Satyagraha: The Arms Race Within

The classic documentary about the triumph of Nonviolence.  A train comes carrying 6 times the firepower of World War II.  A community of Love rises to stop it.  Using only Gandhian principles, the community led by James and Shelley Douglass teaches us that outer disarmament comes from inner disarmament. Directed by Kell Kearns.

Featured at the Dallas 2005 Peace Film Festival

"Not since Strelnikov raced his locomotive across Russia has a train seemed so ominous on screen!" 
     -- The Dallas Morning News