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The Miracle of Noakhali

Presentation Preview from GANDHI’S GIFT “The Miracle of Noakhali”

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"The Miracle of Noakhali" tells the story of a particularly poignant time in Gandhi’s life.  At 77, he has recently lost his beloved wife and close personal secretary while in prison, where he fasted and became ill almost to death.  He has been abandoned by his political colleagues who decided upon partition, against his wishes.  Now he must watch his country be torn asunder by the horrifying communal violence that erupts with India’s division.  So, surmounting despair and fear, he decides to begin a dangerous pilgrimage of peace, walking through villages ravaged by the violence among Hindus and Muslims and making a one-on-one plea for unity and trust.  It is grass-roots politics at its best, and it is during this walk that he reaches perhaps his highest spiritual attainment and brings back peace to much of India.

With special thanks for music by Chinmaya Dunster, Karnamrita Dasi, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Mahalia Jackson, Padma Previ, The Radha Krsna Temple, Ravi Shankar, Steve Roach, Suchitra Mitra, and Ustad Usman Khan.