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Kell Kearns

Kell Kearns
Kell Kearns

Speaker, Filmmaker, Broadcast Journalist
25 Years of Creative Excellence on Topics of
Spiritual and Social Transformation

“An in-person talk, or a film, is successful and manifests the greatest audience appeal if it creates images that connect directly to the soul of the generation, asks the deepest questions latent in everyone - questions of purpose, the attainment of joy, the survival of the species - and then goes on to provide a resounding, YES! We can live our deepest dreams. The human spirit will triumph.”


In January of 1987 the television reviewer for the Dallas Times Herald wrote of Kell Kearns’ groundbreaking biography of Martin Luther King, Jr that it “works on almost too many levels to talk about”. The phrase captures the essence of the truth and beauty Kearns has brought to the screen in 14 independent productions, and now brings to GANDHI'S GIFT.

Kell began at the age of 23 as a radio talk show host while attending Dallas Baptist University. Since then he has conducted hundreds of broadcast interviews with the most notable people of our time to include Ronald Reagan, Muhammmed Ali, and Archbishop Tutu.

In 1977 Kearns took his first position as TV news reporter with the CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho. He returned to Dallas in 1979 to anchor local news and host a weekly entertainment broadcast magazine.

In 1984 Kearns quit local news and formed Idanha Films, a national television and film production company.  THE ARMS RACE WITHIN, about a Gandhian community that, through the power of Love, stopped a train carrying 160 nuclear bombs, was distributed nationally on PBS.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF MARTIN, Kearns’ biography of Dr. King, set a new standard for television documentaries. The accolades poured in.  The review by The Washington Post was prophetic:  “A genuine jewel that should be shown regularly in every home and school.”  Seventeen years after its national debut on PBS, it is still broadcast every year on cable during the King holiday. The home video resides in thousands of schools and libraries.

THE HEALING OF BRIAN WILLSON was about war in Central America.  “Another masterpiece of Nonviolence”, wrote Fellowship magazine.

In 1990, Kearns directed BREAKTHROUGH, a visionary concert film with Kris Kristofferson. First broadcast on PBS through the Central Education Network, it was re-released on home video in 2004 by ‘OH Boy Records.

November, 2005 marked the release of THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CHRIST:  RECLAIMING JESUS FOR A NEW HUMANITY, written, directed and narrated on the screen by Kearns. This documentary, co-produced with his partner in Heaven on Earth Creations, Cynthia Lukas, was booked into more than 100 churches, conferences, and schools across the United States with Kearns lecturing at many of those.

In 2006 he followed with a sought-after sequel about the new, expansive Christianity, THE COMING OF THE DIVINE CHILD OF HUMANKIND.

In 2007 Kearns attended the premiere of his next documentary, RUMI RETURNING, before 3,500 interfaith leaders from around the world at the UNESCO Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico.  The following year RUMI RETURNING sold out twice at the National Cathedral and has been broadcast on more than 330 PBS stations across the country.

Kearns' most recent documentary is about the emergent global spirituality that is transforming our world. GLOBALIZED SOUL was completed in 2011 and chosen as the Featured Film for the UN International Day of Peace Broadcast that year.

As a culmination of his life's work, he is in the midst of creating a film about the Apostle of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi, to be finished in 2016, GANDHI'S GIFT.