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"Globalized Soul"

Do you have a Globalized Soul? 

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"Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas have crafted a thoughtful and hope-filled film that takes audiences to the heart of an important global phenomenon. Blending insights and perspectives from spiritual leaders across the world with a colorful travelogue of interfaith practices and gatherings, GLOBALIZED SOUL is that rare film that both educates people and inspires us all to further discussion and connection."
-- Jamie Rich, Creative Director, Open Circle Spiritual Cinema, Kansas City

See our vision of "Globalized Soul"

Read an article about "Globalized Soul" that appeared in Religion Today Online on March 28, 2011:  "Globalized Soul" Celebrates Humanity's Oneness [pdf]

Now that "Globalized Soul" has had its World Premiere at the World
Peace Festival in Berlin and was broadcast on Peace Day TV as the "Featured Film" for the United Nations International Day of Peace, we thank all who joined together with us in celebration of and commitment to interfaith harmony and world peace.  We ask that all continue in this true spirit of ahimsa (nonviolence) and compassion to make every day a Day of Peace!

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