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Cynthia Lukas

Cynthia Lukas
Film Producer, Writer and Lecturer
on Topics of Personal Growth
and Global Transformation

Watch a program with Cynthia as speaker using clips from “Gandhi’s Gift” for Citizens For Peace in Livonia, Michigan (October, 2015)

"Your presentation enlightened the aspect of Gandhi's life that we were not exposed to here in US or in India."
-- Jay Ganatra, Detroit

Listen to an interview with Cynthia by Mark Gilbert, Host of the Conscious Bridge Radio Show, called “Creating Movies From The Heart” (November, 2015)

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Author, Film Producer, and Lecturer on Topics of Spiritual and Global Transformation

Cynthia Lukas is a film producer and writer of transformative documentaries that educate, inspire and motivate, celebrating the oneness of humanity. She was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas. With a Master’s in Communications from Fairfield University, she began her career as a writer, journalist and college educator for more than 25 years. She was an award-winning writer of memoir, mystical poetry and young adult novel. She served as a two-term City Councilwoman in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She began her collaboration with Kell Kearns in 2004, when they co-created their non-profit educational media organization, Heaven on Earth Creations. Since then they have co-produced six acclaimed documentaries about global oneness and nonviolence. Their most recent films are their documentary about the final, tragic and triumphant years of Gandhi's life, GANDHI'S GIFT, completed in 2016, and their documentary about Gandhi's early transformational years in South Africa, GANDHI'S AWAKENING, to be completed in late 2017.

Cynthia’s first film was THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CHRIST: RECLAIMING JESUS FOR A NEW HUMANITY (2005). Filmed on location in the Holy Lands, it told the story of Jesus of Nazareth as portrayed in the Gnostic gospels. She was Co-producer and a Videographer for this documentary and its sequel, THE COMING OF THE DIVINE CHILD OF HUMANKIND (2006). Both have been shown in scores of Churches and Spiritual Centers across the US.

In 2006 Cynthia conceived, co-produced, wrote and narrated THE LEADERSHIP OF LOVE, describing the new "companion leadership" emerging globally and the key role of women and the feminine. THE LEADERSHIP OF LOVE was partially based on Cynthia's extensive community service and lifelong political involvement.

In 2007 Cynthia co-produced Heaven on Earth Creations’ 20th Anniversary Director’s Release of IN REMEMBRANCE OF MARTIN, the biography of Martin Luther King Jr., which was a national PBS broadcast and Official Event of the 1987 King Holiday.

Cynthia Lukas
From "The Leadership of Love"

2007 also saw the release of RUMI RETURNING: THE TRIUMPH OF DIVINE PASSION. In addition to being Co-producer of RUMI RETURNING, Cynthia is writer and narrator.

Filmed on location in Turkey, RUMI RETURNING had its WORLD PREMIERE when Lukas and Kearns presented it to thousands of interfaith leaders at the UNESCO Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico. Since then, they have presented it to sold-out audiences at scores of conferences and programs around the world to include the National Museum (Prague, EUROPEAN PREMIERE), National Cathedral (Washington D. C.), World Peace Festival (Berlin), Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions Launch (Chicago) and Festival of Sufi Culture (Fes). It was a Featured Film of the Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival and AWAKEN! Spiritual Film Festival.

From 2008-2011, RUMI RETURNING was broadcast on more than 330 PBS stations, many more than once.

Cynthia is a featured speaker at screenings, conferences, workshops and programs around the world in conjunction with the documentaries she co-produces. She delivered the lecture "Why Is Rumi Returning Now?" at the RUMI ALIVE! Festival at the National Museum in Prague. She presented RUMI RETURNING to the Middle East Studies Association in Montreal. For the “Let’s Talk About It: Love and Forgiveness” Series co-sponsored by the American Library Association and the Fetzer Institute, Cynthia led a workshop on “Rumi: Love and Forgiveness” at the Three Rivers Library in Michigan.

Cynthia Lukas

GLOBALIZED SOUL: STORIES FROM THE TIPPING POINT TO A NEW WORLD was completed in 2011 and chosen as the Featured Film for the UN International Day of Peace Broadcast that year. Its EUROPEAN PREMIERE was at the World Peace Festival in Berlin. Its AMERICAN PREMIERE was at the North American Interfaith Network Conference in Phoenix. Religion Today Online Magazine called it: “A mystic tour through the ancient longing of humanity for peace.” The Journal of India said: “This time Producers Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas have embraced the whole planet.”

Returning to her educational roots, Cynthia has presented RUMI RETURNING and GLOBALIZED SOUL at numerous colleges and universities, such as University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban, South Africa), George Washington University, Wesleyan University, University of California-Irvine, Penn State University, University of Arizona, Northern Michigan University, Elizabethtown College, Paradise Valley Community College, Johnson County Community College, Boise State University, and Texas State University.

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Cynthia image
Cynthia and Director of Spiritual Life and Diversity Erica Sigauke at the Peace Pole, Cottey College
"Cynthia Lukas's presentations at Texas State University and in the San Marcos community provided a time for deep reflection on the Martin Luther King holiday and the legacy of those who worked to bring about change during the civil rights era. Her energy engaged our students in considering Gandhi's influence on MLK, and the sacrifices made by so many during that transformative time. Many students and community residents left her presentations with a renewed sense of history and purpose."
--Diann McCabe, Directory of Academic Development, Co-Chair of the Common Experience, Senior Lecturer, Texas State University

"Thank you for coming to share your wisdom with our community! We are still talking about your wonderful presentations ("Globalized Soul" and clips from the upcoming "Gandhi's Gift")."
--Erica Sigauke, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Diversity, Cottey College